Wound Care and Hyperbaric Therapies

Wound Care in Logan, UT

Wound care is incredibly important for protecting broken skin from developing serious and potentially dangerous infections such as cellulitis. That’s why it’s so important to understand how to properly care for your wound- especially after surgery. We’ve been performing countless surgeries here at Cache Valley Surgical Consultants and the goal of Dr. Scott Grover and his team is to make sure that you have the knowledge and education to be able to support fast, effective, and stress-free healing.

Do you have Certain Health Problems?

If you have been diagnosed with heart disease, gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes or thyroid problems, these are all conditions that could impede the wound healing process. Dr. Grover can recommend specific and tailored treatment options to help keep the wound protected and clean. It’s important that you talk with our surgeon about your current health and any pre-existing conditions you have.

Do you Take Medications?

If you have a chronic health condition, like some of the ones listed above, the medications that your doctor may have you taking could also slow down your wound healing process. We will discuss certain medications you are taking to determine if any of them should be temporarily stopped until the wound has sufficiently healed.

What other Issues can Affect my Wound?

Everything from heavy alcohol use, obesity, to smoking and poor diet can affect how your wounds heal. Dr. Grover and his surgical team will need to take all of these factors into consideration when providing you with a comprehensive at-home wound care treatment plan. We understand that everyone’s health and lifestyle is different, and we tailor our recommendations and treatments to meet each patient’s needs.

Getting Wound Care Treatment from Cache Valley Surgical Consultants

Our very own Dr. Grover is a surgeon and certified Wound Care Specialist. Along with comprehensive wound care services he also supervises hyperbaric oxygen treatments, which are performed at another practice under his supervision and recommendation. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment makes it possible to speed up and improve wound healing in those with more serious wounds such as burns, diabetic-related ulcers and skin grafts. We work with other specialists and doctors in the area to ensure that you get the wound care you need.

If you have questions about the wound care services we offer in Logan, UT, or want to sit down with a wound care specialist today, call Cache Valley Surgical Consultants at (435) 752-7122.

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