What Does Wound Care Entail?

Learn more about wound care, including the services we offer. 

While minor cuts and scrapes probably won’t have you turning to a doctor for care, sometimes more severe wounds and burns may require advanced and expert wound care. That’s where our Logan, UT, surgeon and certified Wound Care Specialist, Dr. Scott Grover, comes in. We offer comprehensive wound care services here in Logan, UT.

Wounds are placed into four different categories,

  • An abrasion: these are minor injuries that can often be treated at home
  • A puncture: a hole in the skin with or without bleeding that could cause damage to organs
  • A laceration: A deep cut that may cause heavy bleeding
  • An avulsion: This wound causes tissue removal, which results in heavy bleeding

They also pass through multiple stages of healing; however, if the wound doesn’t heal properly or doesn’t pass through all of those stages, it’s considered a chronic wound. Wounds that persist or aren’t showing signs of improvement should always be evaluated by our Logan, UT, wound care team as soon as possible.

What Can Impact Wound Healing?

If you are healthy, you will most likely experience a full recovery without complications; however, underlying health issues could impact your healing process. Common conditions that slow healing include,

  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Thyroid conditions
  • Pulmonary disease
  • Cancer

When you come into our Logan, UT, wound care clinic for an evaluation, share any critical health problems you may have with Dr. Grover. This will give us a better idea of what’s happening and how we can help.

What Does Wound Care Entail?

When you come into our office, we will review your medical history to understand more about you and your overall health. From there, we will evaluate the wound. We will also ask you questions about your current diet and lifestyle to make sure that they are supporting proper wound healing. We will also check the wound for infection.

From there, we can create your treatment plan. This may involve something as simple as cleaning and bandaging the wound and prescribing an antibiotic, or we may need to remove dead tissue. We also offer our patients hyperbaric oxygen under our supervision at a practice nearby. Hyperbaric oxygen can be incredibly effective for speeding up and improving wound healing, particularly for more severe wounds such as diabetic ulcers, skin grafts, and burns. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy may be right for you if you are dealing with more severe wounds.

If you are looking for expert wound care services in the Logan, UT, area or want to learn more about hyperbaric therapy and how it could help, call Cache Valley Surgical Consultants today at (435) 752-7122 to schedule a consultation.

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