What Is a General Surgeon?

At times you may need to undergo a very specialized form of surgery and your doctor will likely recommend you to these specialists. But for a number of common and varied surgeries, you may instead visit your a general surgeon. Some of what a general surgeon is responsible for will be covered below, but to learn much more you can contact Cache Valley Surgical Consultants with Dr. Scott Grover.

General and Specialized Surgery

There are heart surgeons and brain surgeons, and many others who perform specialized forms of surgery, but a general surgeon is someone who can surgically treat many issues out of the scope of specialists. They are educated and trained in all aspects of surgery, from preparation to post-operation, and the operation itself.

Why You May Need a General Surgeon

The three main reasons why you may see a general surgeon include referrals, and elective and emergency surgery.

Your primary doctor refers you to a general surgeon to treat a variety of conditions for which conservative approaches have not proven successful. Or it could also involve elective surgery, such as removing an organ with problems, or getting a biopsy.  Surgery is sometimes needed to drain infections.

Emergency surgery refers to any type of surgery that must be carried out to prevent complications, as can be the case with gallstones, hernias, and appendicitis.

Cache Valley Surgical Consultants in Logan, UT

During a visit, Dr. Grover will perform an evaluation to determine whether surgery really is the best option for your individual situation. He will also thoroughly explain what you can expect prior to the surgery, in the form of tests that may be required as well as dietary changes you may need to make, as well as what may be involved during the procedure itself. It's a good idea to also have your own questions ready during this visit.

If you need to consult with a general surgeon in or around the area of Logan, you can schedule a visit with Dr. Grover of Cache Valley Surgical Consultants by dialing (435) 752-7122.

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