When To See a General Surgeon

At Cache Valley Surgical Consultants in Logan, UT, Dr. Scott Grover offers general surgery services for patients. When surgery is necessary you may feel overwhelmed, but we are here for you. Our team specializes in treating patients with surgery and the proper after-care to make sure you heal quickly.

What is a general surgeon?

A general surgeon is a medical professional who performs surgery, often when other measures or treatments have failed, to correct a health issue. General surgeons have completed medical school and a residency program where they learn from experienced surgeons. They have completed specialized training in surgery and have been certified by the American Board of General Surgery.

When to see a general surgeon

Some of the most common reasons patients see a general surgeon are:

  • A medical problem that requires emergency surgery like appendicitis, hernias, gallstones, or bowel obstruction
  • Referral from another healthcare provider who has recommended surgical intervention, often after other treatment has failed to relieve pain or symptoms
  • A consultation for an elective surgical procedure

When you need surgery

When you get surgery in Logan, UT, we help you prepare and recover. Your surgeon will have specific instructions for you if anything is required of you for preparation. For your recovery, we recommend having a support system in place for yourself while you need extra help.

A positive mindset is important for your recovery, too. Surgery is stressful no matter who you are and having time to rest afterward is critical, so ask for help while you recover. Attempting light exercise during your recovery helps prevent blood clots. Your surgeon will instruct you on what exercises would be appropriate.

Dr. Grover of Cache Valley Surgical Consultants is here for you when you need a general surgeon. Contact us for an appointment in Logan, UT, at (435) 752-7122.

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